The levels of abilities to secure your home are rising with heaps of new technologies available on the market. Protecting your property and keeping your family safe is one of our highest roles, but with so many options to choose from, how can you be sure that you have made the right choice? Today, we discuss the differences between standard CCTV and the Ring doorbell.


The installation of your alarm is something that some households may require to be done faster than others. With a Ring doorbell, you can purchase and self-install your video device in a simple and time-efficient way, allowing you to have the ability to record your premises that day.

To install a CCTV camera, you would require a professional installation. Although you may have to wait a short period of time for this action to be carried out, you can rely upon the knowledge that it has been fitted safely and securely upon your home.


When fitting your Ring device, you must ensure that it’s adjacent to your front door as it is, after all, your doorbell. This results in your form of security apparatus being visible to all who pass or approach your property. With this placement, you can however be confident upon the fact that you will be able to receive full facial footage of anyone that approaches your front door, once the sensor is set off and recording begins.

When CCTV security cameras are professionally installed, they aren’t just bolted to the wall, but are positioned in a specific location which is tailored to be out of sight to any passers-by or possible approaching intruders. Although you may be unable to see full facial footage, the camera will record their entire movements without having to wait for the intruder to reach the perimeter of the camera and set off a sensor.


Whilst the sight of Ring doorbells can deter thieves instantly, you could be struck with a brave and determined intruder who will be able to remove the device from your door, disabling it’s function and preventing it from operating.

With the stable fixture of a CCTV camera, the effort to climb up to the higher point of your home, and level of noise that would have to be created to remove the device from the external wall, would be enough to deter the intruder from your home to avoid them drawing attention to themselves and their crime.


For your Ring doorbell to operate, it will require connection to your WiFi. With this connection, you will be able to record, be alerted to your mobile device and have two-way communication with whoever is at your door, should you be home or away. You must remember to observe the level of battery life regularly and to pay your monthly or annual subscription fees for optimum camera usage.

Although two-way communication may not be with CCTV like it is with a Ring doorbell, a doorstep camera can be hard-wired to your internet connection and mains electrics, meaning you don’t have to rely upon a strong WiFi connection or battery charging.

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