With spring appearing on the horizon, it’s become only natural for us to schedule for a deep clean and sort out of our properties. Whilst thoughts of clearing out your wardrobe or giving your car a clean may be predominant in your plans, it could be beneficial to you and your protection to add securing your home to that list. With that being said, here are four of our top tips for improving your home security in time for spring.

Trim any overgrown greenery

As winter passes, it is almost standard for our green fingers to take a break. With temperatures dropping below freezing, our shrubbery may have become bare, leaving us with the decision that there is nothing to be done. However, without us realising, lighter hours have crept back into our days, and whilst this can lead us to think about a cold drink in the beer garden, it also means that our plants are beginning to bloom. As the blossom appears once more on our trees and our shoots spring back into action, we can prepare for a growth of our greenery. Whilst this is a beautiful sight, it is important for our security not to let it get out of hand. Overgrown shrubbery can create a hiding place for an intruder, and so trimming these back can eliminate this option of cover and hopefully prevent a break in.

Test your external lights

As the mornings and evenings get lighter, our requirement for external lights lessens. Security and sensor lighting is a highly effective deterrent for burglars, so it is important that they are working at their best. However, you may not realise that we are beginning to see less of these lights at work and so we should take the time to test their working abilities. Throughout the winter, they may have been dimming, requiring a replacement bulb or even repair work to restore their abilities. Setting aside the time to assess each light around the external perimeter of your property can be highly beneficial, restoring the confidence in your home’s effective security measures.

Restore your perimeter security

We all know that winter weather can be harsh. Whether this is on our skin or our gardens, it can affect multiple aspects of our lives. Have you considered the damage it could have on your perimeter security? With the battling winds of our most recent storm, combined with torrential rain fall and freezing temperatures, our gates, fences or walls may have taken a beating. Take a slow walk around the perimeters of your property and take extra time to assess any fencing behind sheds, benches or other garden furniture. Check for signs of damage such as a leaning or swaying fencing, crumbling walls or even a deterioration of materials that could be used as a passageway into your garden. These are most commonly found at the base of fencing materials. Restoring your perimeter security can further restore the faith you have in your home security measures.

Service your security system as part of your sprig clean

As a part of your spring clean, why not arrange to have your home alarm system serviced? A professional will be able to spot any oncoming faults, as well as test its working abilities and repair any existing defects. Your intruder alarm shouldn’t decrease in accuracy, but sometimes unexpected things can happen. Grant yourself peace of mind when it comes to leaving your property unattended that everything will be safe and secure overnight with an alarm system that has been tried and tested by a professional. You could then consider arranging an annual service at this time of year, every year. Give your home security system its own spring clean – it deserves it!

At DNA Security, our team are specialists in our field. For advice or assistance with the restoration of your property protection this springtime, get in touch. We will be happy to rebuild the confidence you have in your home security measures. Give us a call on 01424 718 844 today.