‘Tis the season, and whilst many employees will be rushing home at close of play to kick off the annual Christmas festivities with their families, business owners may be left worrying about the security of their unattended workplace.

Whether you close for the entirety of the Christmas period or just for the day itself, worry can still be prominent. We are here to provide you with the security answers you may be looking for during the leadup to the season, with effective steps to take to avoid theft or damage.

Assess the vulnerable areas in your workplace

You may think your workplace is well protected as it is, but it is worth taking a look around from an outsider’s point of view. Take particular focus on the condition of areas that could be used to force entry, such as your windows and doors. It may be that the installation of new frames or locks are required.

You may even notice that your premises contain a few darker corners. Motion-activated lighting could be a simple way to ensure all areas of your workplace are well-lit, as well as signalling the presence of an employee or thief. This can often deter intruders and prevent burglaries from being carried out.

Implement security measures

Internal and external security measures can be highly effective ways to prevent an attempted break in at your workplace. Unfortunately, at this time of year thieves are aware that many locations have expensive gifts or electronics which could be stolen and sold on for profit, creating a greater motivation for break-ins. There are varied measures that can be installed to suit a range of workplace requirements and preferences. These include:

  • Door access control systems that restrict access to particular locations for authorised members of staff only
  • Motion sensor lighting that lights up an area when movement is detected
  • CCTV that records video footage and saves it to a monitor for reviewing
  • Intruder alarms that detect forced or unauthorised entry and alert neighbouring buildings and management

Tidy it and lock it!

Before leaving the workplace for any period of time, from a single day through to the full festive period, you should take the time to clear away anything of high value or interest and ensure all entry points are secured. Investing in a safe could also be beneficial, though we would recommend that you share the code with the fewest possible members of staff.

If there are items you cannot hide, you may find it worthwhile to invest in window covers. Roller blinds are cost effective and create a visible barrier between the inside of your workplace and the outside. You may even wish to go one step further and install electric roller shutters, creating a physical barrier for further security.

Keep your staff in the loop

Your opening hours may vary over the Christmas period. You should inform your employees of these changes and ensure they understand. This will prevent the panic of thinking there’s a break-in, only to find that one of your employees is mistakenly attempting to turn up to work. If your workplace is host to a range of new security measures, these should also be explained. If applicable, codes to alarm systems, keys to new locks, and entry codes for safes or server rooms should be shared.

Enjoy your Christmas

The final step, and possibly the most important, is to trust your security systems and enjoy your Christmas! So long as you install and switch on the relevant security measures and double check the locks are secure throughout the workplace before leaving, you can unwind and enjoy the festivities.

With your Christmas shopping complete, decorations up, and spirits high, don’t let worries over the security of your workplace taint your Christmas. If you are seeking advice or assistance for the measures in place within your premises, we are here to help. Give us a call at DNA Security on 01424 718 844.