With companies across the country slowly returning to work, there may be multiple thoughts on the minds of each employee, as well as business owners. Along with excitement, a newer thought – and possibly a worry – may be the health and safety of staff members whilst at work.

After combating a global pandemic, following government guidelines and staying at home to protect the NHS or the last year, entering back into a workplace with over six people may seem daunting. One factor that can be altered to decrease risks and improve cleanliness within the workplace itself is the entry systems. Consider removing the use of keys and access code and implement a new keyless entry system.

What is a keyless entry system?

A keyless entry system provides employees with a contactless way of entering the office. With no need for a handheld key, swipe card, turnstile or entry code, staff can refrain from touching the same surfaces, such as a keypad or door handle, and enter an office by use of access fobs or cards that operate by a contactless scanner.

The benefits of a keyless entry system

Reduce health risks within the work environment

Gaining secure entry into the workplace without needing to touch a surface can reduce the risk of viruses such as COVID-19 from transmitting by touch to various employees. Post-pandemic, this is a feature that may prove invaluable over time. By the simple contactless scan of a registered fob or card, safe and clean entry can be granted to employees.

Simple identification of misplaced entry fobs and cards

If you originally used a simple ’push to open’ door or entered a code into a keypad to gain entry into your office space, it may be possible on a few occasions that employees misplace theirs due to the new habit of having to remember to pick up the new contactless key card or fob. In this instance, there will be no stresses or concerns over who the key belongs to as, with a simple scan on the main monitor, the employee details will display, allowing it to be handed back to the correct owner.

Feeds information to the business owner

Knowing which of your employees are within the office at any given time can prove beneficial in emergencies such as a fire drill. Advanced technology can allow the business owner to not only know who is within the building at any given time, but at what time they entered also. As well as proving a beneficial factor for emergency exits, this factor can also reduce the (often unlikely) risk of in-house theft as members of staff on the premises at a specific time can be tracked.

Grants externals with remote access

When a client, external member or staff or emergency service originally arrived at your workplace, it is likely that you would have to meet them at the main door due to their inability to enter the premises without a key. With keyless entry systems, the business owner or administration team are able to grant access to those requiring it with the simple press of a button, whether that be from their desk or whilst working from home. Access can also be denied to anyone without an appointment, keeping the workplace safe.

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